Wedding dress shoes good?

Wedding dress shoe is best? Mainly to match the wedding colors to look good if the dress is long, don't see shoes, wearing nothing. But wear a cheongsam, and generally wear red high heels. Also depends on the wedding dress styles, colors, and like the traditional boys black leather shoes, girls white high heels, the last but it is recommended to wear your most comfortable shoes, because the skirt is long does not, special style of dress, the store will have matching shoes. Photos are too tired, so choose comfortable shoes so your feet a little bit easier. Special location possible "Dale", good shoes are ruined. But your husband's shoes to choose good, black leather shoes to shine. Special high risk men show shoes. Then tells you when the wedding mix what kind of shoes fit, if special photo showing the foot, the best color is white, the height of the heel, it depends on the height of your loved one to choose, but usually long dress for a wedding, easily will not be left out of the shoes, no need to fuck too much heart on it.
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