Wedding location clothing how to choose

wedding photos now most newcomers would select two on-location wedding, then wedding location clothing should you choose? Shooting Studio to teach you should choose what kind of wedding dress, after all exterior clothing and dress in the room is not the same, it is not the same.
Interiors were mostly dominated by fine, location is dominated by nature, atmosphere, feel the opposite. Bride in the selection of Interior, on the scene of two wedding photography Web site, in the selection of clothing is supposed to be different; in General indoor white tail of love should not be too large, strap styles can choose, usually a small tail. Conversely, outdoor white yarn should choose dragging tail tube top style, infinite has embraced with nature, nature, atmosphere, which unlike indoor style; when indoor photos, satin dress material often give people a feeling of noble Grand. Satin dresses but is not generally used on location shooting, because the satin dress would strongly reflective, seems to lack the spirituality. Satin dress on location there is a problem is when the Sun, failed to shoot a wedding feel. On the location selection of dresses, choose yarn dress, slowly when shooting the breeze is light and beautiful, and looks noble and romantic.
Wedding location clothing should how select presumably now everyone are clear has, in shooting location zhiqian, bride will and wedding photography work room of styling Division communication good, should wear what style of wedding, can not can put himself of temperament perfect of show out through of white wedding should how wash, is key, now is spring of when, believes each a bit bride are can in this season shooting out most moving of wedding.

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