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How to do a generous bride

Bride is the focus of the whole wedding, bride's every move is watched the wedding, brides know what action you during your wedding day, what actions should not have, what to say, what not to say? Wedding small weapon for you how to do a generous bride.
If the bride at the wedding video, chewing gum, and Kung-Fu fingers habitually bite guests say, must immediately remove non-on the reception of guests or take back picture is, standing foremost, beautiful and clean dress zhuoli posture under render, more beautiful. Back up the stretch, line head, hips and heels, upper body is lifted sentiment. Bride stood beside grooms after about 15 cm, to be a. Right hand under the right arm and groom wedding, I don't know Korea kissing video tutorial. Two position into eight fonts, so shoot photos of the results exceptionally well. Groom's slightly bent left arm, let the bride hands in elbow, attention to the bride not pulling the groom's clothes, let people look at fear thoughts; not tightly hug the groom's arm, like a fear that he would flee. In addition, the groom should not too much over the abdomen to see. Never mind holding the bride, I don't know if perfect. Before you stepped on a wedding dress, eye interval between two people.
How to do a generous bride, we all learned, the bride not only has good looks but also has the most beautiful heart, so that at the wedding to show you the most touching gesture, you are the most beautiful bride.
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