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Happy wedding perfect guide

Happy wedding photos I'm afraid are now young people must have before getting married, so happy, so sweet ... But for a newcomer who lacked experience in wedding photos, wedding photos is so strange, wedding photography today's happiness wedding perfect strategy recommended by the small series, hoping to help the newcomers to be wedding photos.
But we are mainstream wedding is the essence of dignified, beautiful and simple. Or composition, picture perfect traditional wedding, or close to the plot of the life of fresh and brilliant photos and beautiful at the same time, also attaches great importance to building the second before the sincerity, in love's sweet, promise the Holy, slapstick, cute ... ... Let him see who has not only been two people attracted to the good of the world. Hug can create different styles of different pictures, happy hugs, loving hug ... ... Meet the new expression. Hug to grasp the strength of arm, so as not to appear bloated or have too much screen space.
Happy wedding photos are the perfect strategy to introduce here, in fact, no matter how warm the screen shoot the wedding record and feelings two people, we will be able to naturally shown, as long as we grasp the two movements, observe how someone else's wedding look, how to pose, what kind of scene, at home you can also contact.
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