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Myopia bride wedding what are the considerations for

Who doesn't want their own photos Beijing photos to appear beautiful in front of everyone and keep his classic also wanted to have the most charming moment fixed on the wedding, then we will look at the bride wedding what are the considerations in myopia, also help the bride with wedding problems.
If you are generally low myopia bride, then the mirror at the time of the wedding can be, just let the makeup artist makeup glasses parts would have been OK, wedding day mirror can also, if you do not wear glasses in a very difficult, the proposed purchase of contact lenses. If you are high myopia, or allergic to contact lenses soft time, it can only wear glasses, it is recommended that you select delicate style of glasses to avoid exaggerated frames. Because the frames and lens adds additional content face, eye makeup must be relatively concise and simple. Whether you are Sepet or eyelids, increases the eye tool is slightly thick eyeliner and thick, curling eyelashes. Try liquid or refill a soft eyeliner, eyeliner from Eyelash roots characterized Beijing's vision, deep rough line expansion of the eye, drawing the eyes of the reflective lens will be less effective traces of paint.
Considerations for myopia over bride wedding what are we all clear to you? For our eyes to the new vision of myopia have special methods to deal with and find their own inadequacies and according to their temperament to choose the right way to make up for it.
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