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Shooting perfect wedding requires attention to what

Now is shooting wedding of good period, spring of breath increasingly strong, shooting has spring of wedding, must very has mood, now we shooting of wedding most no longer meet just simple of pendulum posture, do expression has wedding photo, more of hope performance about two a people on life of pursuit and perfect of mood suburb small Jiuzhaigou, small series on to everyone introduced about shooting perfect wedding need note what.
Prices more affordable wedding photography is generally plain wedding, bridal shops do not provide location shooting, and no wedding service or just the most basic such as Bridal, tuxedo rental content. More than 900 Yuan to two thousand or three thousand Yuan of wedding photography, including the basic content, and four thousand or five thousand to more than 10,000 in the shooting environment, staff, photo albums, wedding services, all kinds of gifts are perfect; the amount of package services, depending on the price paid by how much. In order, you should certainly ask about issues related to, such as the package will be set by how many brides dress and styling provides? how many photos can be taken? usually the wedding, the bride needs a white, two sets of evening dress, wedding photographers take this as a point of reference. But love is bitter, dress is divided into old and new, prices also vary, more expensive new white yarn, if there is insufficient budget, unable to pick new also to choose XF. Groom Wedding shoot in summer attention, dress and bride match, so also need to know how much you want to change suits.
Now everyone knows what perfect shooting wedding photos need to be aware of it? We in this happy day is the same hope that two people can shoot beautiful photos, so we must be accountable and responsible for their future.
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