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Is probably the most beautiful memories in my life that romantic wedding photos, right? So how do you shoot out the sweetest wedding? How can we show the most happy? Today Studio editor will give you summarized some sweet wedding experience, hope all of you can play a lead role, hold their own sweet.
New people at the time of their wedding photos, bride choose a lace pattern white tube top dress, the groom with a white Blazer, then with the exquisite Bridal jewelry, such as: necklace, bracelet, earrings and so on. In two a people of clothing match good Hou, groom can hold with bride of waist put hands overlap in with put a love action, but, this action most for selected King in indoor of Windows next shooting best, picture Super aesthetic of; groom can helped with bride sat in bed side shooting wedding, but, bride select wedding Shi must if a paragraph high waist of stomacher long drag tail some folds of wedding, groom can match Brown suit and match Shang white of tie, in shooting of when, bride can open greatly of skirt pendulum, Two new faces with a smile in front of the camera, believe that folds against the wedding and groom's mix of black and white, images will be able to play like that was wonderful.
Sweet wedding how to show you here, the couple on the eve of their wedding photos to look at wedding website or wedding related material like books, so that two people on their own at the time of their wedding photos to be placed any position is helpful, as long as our wedding photos are helpful to the process, we should learn.
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