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Guiyang true love wedding photography Ltd is a group of creative photography agencies, followed the trend of young people formed. "Phoenix" female, "" too, true love wedding photography in Guiyang established localization here, fashion and innovation.

Guiyang really love wedding photography a modified past traditional of shooting mode, insisted "found more beauty of you", and   pursuit fashion, and aesthetic, and painting meaning of Guiyang wedding photography, and Guiyang wedding photography work room, and Guiyang took wedding, and Guiyang personality photo, and Guiyang wedding photography which home good, and Guiyang personality wedding photography, and Guiyang best of wedding photography shooting technique, with most rich of emotional, expression most moving of picture!   Give full play to the photographer's artistic as well as mobilizing customer emotion, allowing guests into his role, reflecting their own unique character and charm.

beauty of the Studio is to create a human place, is a camera to record images of beautiful, inspiring beauty, showing disposition of the place. Meanwhile, it is the fastest consumption structure changes in fashion, the most sensitive products and services. Therefore, product updates have been true love by Guiyang wedding photography in the first place, in 2009-2010, Guiyang love photography wedding photography developed a series of topics, and the introduction of more thematic photography, improves the taste and artistry of photography, so as to achieve the aim of leading the fashion trend.

into Feng Shang you feel apart from the wisdom and professional, they were more enthusiastic, Guiyang true love wedding photography will strive to make each customer's wishes, providing professional and personalized photography services for guests.

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